How to kill RDP sessions remotely

Problem: How to reset/kill Remote Desktop Connection(RDP) remotely

Yyou probably have ran into message “The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections”. Fortunately, there is way to reset RDP connection remotely from command prompt. In command prompt, execute following commands to kill terminal services sessions remotely.

Step 1. Gain enough privilege to kill RDP connection on the server. net use \\servername_or_IP /USER:username “password“, if not in same domain or if your user does not have enough permissions.

Step2. List the connection to a particular server and get session ID. query session /server:servername

Step3. Reset the session which you don’t need using ID of the session from Step 2.

reset session ID /server:servername_or_IP That’s it!

Hope this information can save you some time.


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  1. kane says:

    It helps a lot and thank you very much.

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