VbScript Compress all IIS logs Files


Compress IIS Logs files, for all websites in a Windows 2000 or 2003 Server.

You will need to download the GZIP file here and put it in this folder “c:\gzip”, with the name “gzip.exe”


Const zipProgram = “C:\gzip\gzip.exe -9”

Dim objFSO, objFolder, objF, objWS
Dim strYear, strDay, strMonth, strDate

Dim strServer, strServerType, strServerMetaType, objService

strDate  = Date()
strYear  = DatePart (“yyyy”, strDate)
strDay   = DatePart (“d”, strDate)
strMonth = DatePart (“m”, strDate)

strServer         = “localhost”
strServerType     = “Web”
strServerMetaType = “W3SVC”

    If WScript.Arguments.Length = 1 THEN
        strServerType = WScript.Arguments( 1 )
        IF UCASE( strServerType ) = “FTP” THEN
            strServerType = “Ftp”
            strServerMetaType = “MSFTPSVC”
            strServerType = “Web”
            strServerMetaType = “W3SVC”
        END IF
    End IF

On Error Resume Next

Set objService = GetObject( “IIS://” & strServer & “/” & strServerMetaType )

SUB DoDirectory (objFold)
 DIM objUserDir, objFile, iDiff

 FOR EACH objUserDir IN objFold.SubFolders
  DoDirectory (objUserDir)

 For Each objFile in objFold.Files
  If LCase (Right (objFile.Name, 4)) = “.log” and LCase (Left (objFile.Name, 2)) = “ex” Then
   Dim strCheckString, strY, strM, strD, strCommand, iResult
   strCheckString = Mid (objFile.Name, 3, 6)
   strY = “20” & Left (strCheckString, 2)
   strM = Mid (strCheckstring, 3, 2)
   strD = Right (strCheckString, 2)

   iDiff = DateDiff (“d”, strM & “/” & strD & “/” & strY, strDate)
       If iDiff > 5 Then
        strCommand = zipProgram & ” ” & objFile.Path & “.zip ” & objFile.Path
        iResult = objWS.Run (strCommand, 0, “true”)
            If iResult <> 0 Then
             ‘ não faz nada
            End If

       End If
  End If
End Sub

SUB EnumServersites( objService )
    DIM objServer, strBindings, objFolder, objF, objFSO1

    SET objFSO1 = CreateObject (“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)

    FOR EACH objServer IN objService
        IF objServer.Class = “IIs” & strServerType & “Server” THEN
        Set objFolder = objFSO1.GetFolder (objServer.LogFileDirectory)
        Set objWS  = CreateObject (“WScript.Shell”)
            For Each objF in objFolder.SubFolders
                DoDirectory (objF)
    ‘Set objFSO = Nothing
    ‘Set objWS  = Nothing               
       END IF

End Sub

EnumServersites objService

Hope this script can be useful, and don’t forget to save in .vbs format file.


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