Without permission to access Citrix License Server


No one had access to the Ctrix licence server web intarface. Error Message “You did not authenticate correctly. Please try again or contact your system administrator.”

After a few searches in google I found that we should change this file “C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\LMC\Tomcat\conf\tomcat-users.xml”

You just need to to change this line in red, and introduce your user and password.

File Content:

<?xml version=’1.0′ encoding=’utf-8′?>
<user username=”pcpwdc03\itsmicrosoft” password=”none” roles=”lmc-access-role,lmc-current-usage-role,lmc-historical-usage-role,lmc-configuration-role,lmc-user-admin-role”/>
<role rolename=”lmc-configuration-role” description=”Users authorized to use the LMC’s configuration tools”/>
<role rolename=”lmc-current-usage-role” description=”Users authorized to use the LMC’s current usage tools”/>
<role rolename=”lmc-access-role” description=”Users authorized to access the LMC”/>
<role rolename=”lmc-user-admin-role” description=”User authorized to assign roles to other LMC users”/>
<role rolename=”lmc-historical-usage-role” description=”Users authorized to use the LMC’s historical usage tools”/>
  <user username=”domain\user” password=”yourpassword” fullName=”en_US” roles=”lmc-access-role,lmc-current-usage-role,lmc-historical-usage-role,lmc-configuration-role,lmc-user-admin-role”/>

After giving access to your user you can manage the License Server over web Interface

Now you can choose option User administration and manage users, and permissions.

The problem occur because the administrator account was renamed, and was the only user that was configured to access.

Hope that this information can Help in this minor issue.


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Been working in IT Services/Consulting for the past 15 years. My main areas of work are planning, development, managing and administration System infrastructures focusing on optimizing user processes, enforcing business security, performance enhancements, high availabilty and infrastucture scalability.

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