WMIC – OS information

You can use Wmic command line tool to gather some information of your operating system.

Here you can take some examples:

You can get version and installed partition

C:\>wmic os list status
Name                                                                     Status
Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise |C:\Windows|\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2  OK

You can get built version, serial number, and system directory

C:\>wmic os list brief
BuildNumber  Organization  RegisteredUser  SerialNumber             SystemDirectory      Version
7601                       admin           xxxxx-011-xxxxxxx-xxxxx  C:\Windows\system32  6.1.7601

See what is free in your system

C:\>wmic os list free
FreePhysicalMemory  FreeSpaceInPagingFiles  FreeVirtualMemory  Name
1056040             4154176                 5005948            Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise 

Run the help to see what you can list for the OS

C:\>wmic os list /?
LIST [<list format>] [<list switches>]
The following LIST formats are available:

Hope that this can be useful


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