Troubleshooting Event ID 2004 Source perfnet

I’ve this System event, and decided to check.

Event Type:    Error
Event Source:    PerfNet
Event Category:    None
Event ID:    2004
Date:        22-04-2012
Time:        22:18:35
User:        N/A
Computer:    %computername%
Unable to open the Server service. Server performance data will not be returned. 
The error code returned is in the first DWORD in the Data section.

At the command prompt, type Net Statistics to check if services are available and if Statistics are available.

C:\>Net Statistics
Statistics are available for the following running services:
The command completed successfully.

To see statistics from Server service type in command prompt Net Statistics Server

C:\>Net Statistics server
Workstation Statistics for \\%computername%
Statistics since 22-04-2012 22:18
Sessions accepted                  1
Sessions timed-out                 0
Sessions errored-out               0
Kilobytes sent                     5
Kilobytes received                 7
Mean response time (msec)          0
System errors                      0
Permission violations              0
Password violations                10
Files accessed                     0
Communication devices accessed     0
Print jobs spooled                 0
Times buffers exhausted
  Big buffers                      0
  Request buffers                  0
The command completed successfully.

To see statistics from workstation service type in command prompt Net Statistics workstation

C:\>Net Statistics workstation
Workstation Statistics for \\%computername%
Statistics since 22-04-2012 22:18
  Bytes received                               22865607
  Server Message Blocks (SMBs) received        103533
  Bytes transmitted                            26831506
  Server Message Blocks (SMBs) transmitted     103416
  Read operations                              3053
  Write operations                             0
  Raw reads denied                             0
  Raw writes denied                            0
  Network errors                               0
  Connections made                             7558
  Reconnections made                           0
  Server disconnects                           0
  Sessions started                             0
  Hung sessions                                0
  Failed sessions                              0
  Failed operations                            0
  Use count                                    4490
  Failed use count                             5
The command completed successfully.

We can see that Server and workstation services are working as expected and no further action is needed. But if for some reason the Statistics are not available for the services, just start or restart them.

Type in command prompt

net start server

Read more about this subject here.

Hope that this information can be useful.


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