Vbscript Users Logon Script for Active Directory

This script as some pre-requisites that must be checked before.

1 – all folders and shares must be created

2 – all groups in ad must be created and associate to users Read more of this post


Vbscript WMI Gather information from all Domain computers to MDB


This is a little extensive, but in the end I think you will enjoy reading.

What script does:

Gather all information in all computers and servers in a certain domain. This can be useful if you pretend to upgrade, or plan infra-structure changes, or just create your own CMDB.

We will gather information about:

hardware, software, printers, network, OS, Firewall, Disks, Shares, Users, event viewer, etc.. Read more of this post

Vbscript Gather cluster information

I’ve created this script to plan a cluster migration, and needed to collect all information available to the purpose.

This script allows you to gather all the information about a cluster.

Read more of this post

VbScript Compress all IIS logs Files


Compress IIS Logs files, for all websites in a Windows 2000 or 2003 Server. Read more of this post

VbScript Delete files older an specific date


I want to delete all the SQL backups that have more than a week. Read more of this post

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