Vbscript Change Hosts files content for all clients

This script should be add to a group policy to run at logon, and ensure that you can change in all clients at the same time. Read more of this post


Vbscript WMI Gather information from all Domain computers to MDB


This is a little extensive, but in the end I think you will enjoy reading.

What script does:

Gather all information in all computers and servers in a certain domain. This can be useful if you pretend to upgrade, or plan infra-structure changes, or just create your own CMDB.

We will gather information about:

hardware, software, printers, network, OS, Firewall, Disks, Shares, Users, event viewer, etc.. Read more of this post

Troubleshooting Event Id 12 source W32time

After runĀ w32tm /resync /nowait in command prompt

C:\>w32tm /resync /nowait
Sending resync command to local computer...
The command completed successfully.

Read more of this post

Active directory DCDiag Analysis

To proceed with this task I will use dcdiag tool. The tool can be Downloaded here. Running this tool and analysing the report, will in many cases avoid major problems and allow you to know what you have and the state of your infrastructure. You can see all the dcdiag options in attach. Read more of this post

Troubleshooting Event ID 3210 and 1000

This error was reported to me by an user,

After login with a Local Account, I’ve collected this information from event viewer. Read more of this post

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