Test Disk IO performance

To execute this process I will use Iometer tool. You read more about here, http://www.iometer.org and download here http://www.iometer.org/doc/downloads.html

To configure the application I’ve made some options, check this images. Read more of this post


How to use the SQLIO Simulate utility Stress Test.

I’ve to bring up an SQL Instance to production, and before install all the components I decided to verify the behaviour of the server with a stress tool for IO. Choose the tool SQLIOsim to simulate this charge test. You can read How to use the SQLIOSim utility here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/231619/en-us,  and the tool can be downloaded using this link download.microsoft.com/download/6/5/2/65286f65-bff2-42b8-b0c9-87f117855069/sqliosimX64.exe.

After download and unzip it to an folder run the tool. Read more of this post

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