Vbscript Users Logon Script for Active Directory

This script as some pre-requisites that must be checked before.

1 – all folders and shares must be created

2 – all groups in ad must be created and associate to users Read more of this post


Vbscript Change Hosts files content for all clients

This script should be add to a group policy to run at logon, and ensure that you can change in all clients at the same time. Read more of this post

Vbscript WMI Gather information from all Domain computers to MDB


This is a little extensive, but in the end I think you will enjoy reading.

What script does:

Gather all information in all computers and servers in a certain domain. This can be useful if you pretend to upgrade, or plan infra-structure changes, or just create your own CMDB.

We will gather information about:

hardware, software, printers, network, OS, Firewall, Disks, Shares, Users, event viewer, etc.. Read more of this post

VBScript List all missing microsoft updates offline mode.

List all missing updates, in a windows client with no access to internet.

You will need to download the wsusscn2.cab file in this location  http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=76054 Read more of this post

Vbscript Gather cluster information

I’ve created this script to plan a cluster migration, and needed to collect all information available to the purpose.

This script allows you to gather all the information about a cluster.

Read more of this post

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