Change default profile folder Location

Some times we can´t control what users have in profiles so we need to avoid that the %systemroot% be with no space available.

We can change the default location to another disk. To do it we can change in registry, “ProfilesDirectory” Location.

SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList]


Just change it to the location that you pretend such as “d:\users”.

Hope that this can be useful.


Removing Auto Detect Proxy Settings From GPO.

A few days ago I add to remove proxy settings from Default Domain GPO, this particulary option “Automatically detect configuration settings”.

After enabling this option, we can only choose bettween Enabled or disabled.


The way to get rid of this configuration is simple, you only need to reset proxy settings.


Be carefull where you execute this action, because it will clear everything related to proxy settings, and don’t Forget to backup GPO’s before making any changes.

Hope this can be usefull.

Managing Windows Virtual Memory

Once again GUI interfaces take to long, and use allot of resources so I am going to use command prompt to proceed.

I will use systeminfo command to list some Virtual Memory parameters, Maximum Size, Available and in use Read more of this post

Log Parser Working Event Viewer data

In this post I will show some examples how to use Logparser to filter Event viewer Information. An easy and faster way to see only we want and need.

You can download LogParser version 2.2 here – and read more about it here Read more of this post

Wsus Configure Windows Update Client.

All the post is redirect to client side actions only.

The client gathers all the information in this folder %Windir%\SoftwareDistribution, in my case folder content has 184 MB. Read more of this post

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